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Company Overview
  Creative technologies advance the world.  
  An professional company dedicated in providing products, solutions and consulting services for embedded system research, design and development.  
[Company Description]
Mercury Instruments is a privately held company with focus on providing embedded solutions through delivery of specialty technology, reference design, know-how, system integration, training and consulting services. Mercury Instruments offers world leading turnkey solutions and services to Industrial and Telecommunication customers who need high-available embedded system.
[Corporate Mission]

Mercury Instruments endeavors to take new technologies into the embedded world. We hope to provide superior quality and cost effective solution around the world.

[Corporate Vision]

To be a world-class provider of embedded products, solutions and services.

[Scope of Business]

Since our start-up, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the embedded field, enabling us to provide state-of-the-art products backed by our expert consulting services to our customers. With our professtional services customers have significantly improved the quality and accelerated the time-to-market for a wide range of embedded systems.
The company's philosophy is to continuously provide our customers with the best products and technical support for a One-Stop service.