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  We provide turnkey solutions for customer to accelerate the time-to-market of final system.  
Computing Systems

Through work with world-leading high-performance processor and high-bandwidth communication controller providers and self research and development, we have different solutions for various computing applications such as Configurable Multi-Processors connected with RapidIO/Fibre Channel/Gigabit Ethernet switch fabric in VPX/VME/cPCI bus based system.

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Numerical Control Machine
With booming Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, numerical control machine is updated very quickly as an key role in this field. Intelligence and precision are becoming more and more important.
We provide a quick start kit with high performance computing, high-speed A/D and D/A control and friendly UI for such requirements.
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Multi-Interface Gateway

For communication between devices with different interfaces such as RS232/RS422/RS485, CAN, Ethernet, UART, SPI, HDLC, IrDA and etc, we provide a verified turnkey solution for fast product realization.
The solution includes multiplex transmission, switch between channels and high-speed packet filter control.

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Industrial PDA

In Industrial Field, handset data collector and handset measurement are required very much, low power cost, friendly user interface and convenient storage access are also key features.
We provide a ARM based solution, which can meet all of these requirements through GUI development tools, large volume NAND flash, USB target disk for PC access and etc.

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PMC Solid Storage Card
For applications in harsh environments where extreme temperature, shock or vibration makes the use of mechanical hard disk drives impractical, we provide high density flash storage with PMC interface which can be easily used with VPX, VME and cPCI Main board.
The product is viewed as a Block Device by operating system and speed can be upgrade to 100MB/s or more with software RAID support. NAND Flash's ECC correction is finished by hardware and wear leveling is supported internally. It also includes a reliable file system for critical enviroment usage.
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NAND Flash Array
In many areas, high-speed storage module is needed very much such as visual control machine, multi channel video recorder and large and detailed navigation, non-sequencial access action make speed of mechanical hard disk drops dramatically.
With this requirement in mind, we developed NAND Flash Array for such use cases, the transfer rate of which can be more than 25 MB/sec (Sustained) throught parallel access. NAND Flash's ECC correction is finished by hardware, bad block management and wear leveling are supported by software.
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