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MB86R01(JADE) VxWorks BSP

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VxWorks RAID

The VxWorks RAID Kit is a complete kit to support JBOD/RAID0/RAID1/RAID10 in VxWorks 5.5. Kit has flexible configuration interface, existing ATA and USB sub block device integration interface, and supports sub device partial capacity usage.

The RAID Kit providing standard block device interface, can be used seamlessly with VxWorks DosFS file system and other file systems with block device interface. Kit supports unlimited sub devices per RAID device. In JBOD way, sub devices are connected seamlessly for capacity expansion; In RAID0 way, sub devices are accessed parallely for max read/write performance; In RAID1 way, two sub devices are used to backup for each other, support real-time monitoring and taking over.
VxWorks BSP for MB86R01(JADE)
The MB86R01(JADE) VxWorks BSP Development Kit includes a complete BSP to support VxWorks 5.5 consists of drivers for Ethernet, Serial, NOR flash, USB Host/Target function, Display and CAN. Using your standard Tornado II development tools, you can quickly create a reliable run time operating system image to download into the resident 16Mbyte Flash drive.
The kit can be used seamlessly with Wind River's Platform for Industrial Devices (PID), the most widely adopted Industrial Platform in the embedded space. This Development Kit strategy enables customers to quickly create various industrial applications such as Car Navigation system, Digital Dashboard, Numerical Control Machine, CAN-Ethernet-UART Gateway, etc.