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Board Support Packages
We have specified and developed many VxWorks Board Support Packages for Single Board Computer (SBC), reference boards and custom hardware implementations. Most are for the various members of the PowerPC, ARM and MIPS processor families. We work with the hardware designers prior to board layout in order to recommend design decisions that will simplify the system realization. One recent examples was a bsp for a quad processor VME Board with 4 mcp7410 processors connected by PCI ring bus. A shared memory network connection and 'virual console' were developed to provide network connectivity and consoles for both of these quad processors with only one real serial port and ethernet port.
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Device Drivers

We have developed device drivers for various peripherals like:

  • Host Bridge : Marvell 64560/64460/64260, Tundra 110/109/107
  • Communication : PCI Bridge, VME device driver, Host to PCI bridge, USB (host and client), CAN, Ethernet Controller, RS232/422/485, HDLC & QMC, ARINC 429
  • Storage : Compact Flash, EEPROM, Flash driver, NOR & NAND Flash, ROM interface, SD card driver
  • Display : LCD Display, LED, Graphics Controller
  • I/O Devices : ADC, DAC, GPIO, Keyboard, Keypad, Mouse, Touch Screen
  • Others: Fast Interrupt controller, High-Frequence Timer, Audio driver
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Reference Design
Reference design can help customer accelerate process of hardware-design and fast establish software development platform.
We have various hardware reference design for different industry areas such as Dual-PPC7448 + MV64560 for High-Performance computing, MPC8541 for High-End network equipment, MB86R01 for Car Navigation system and Digital Dashboard, more info and products please enquiry us.
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We have provided training for many customers such as institute, power control customer, universite. All our trainers are engineers with hands-on experience in embedded system developements, so thhe corporate attending this training can start working on their project immediately.

  Tornado/VxWorks Workshop 2 Days
  Tornado - BSP Training 1 Days
  Tornado - Device Driver Training 1 Days

The duration of each training listed above only include theory session, for laboratory 1 day have to be extended.

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