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MI Releases VxWorks BSP for MB86R01(JADE) Eval Board
  VxWorks BSP helps embedded designers accelerate application development  
Mercury Instruments has launched MB86R01(JADE) 'board support package' Development Kit to support Wind River's VxWorks 5.5 real-time operating system (RTOS), the most widely adopted RTOS in the embedded industry. This Development Kit strategy enables customers to quickly create VxWorks based applications using a reliable reference platform and a production ready product.
The MB86R01(JADE) VxWorks BSP Development Kit includes a complete BSP to support VxWorks 5.5 consists of drivers for Ethernet, Serial, NOR flash, USB Host/Target function, GDC and CAN. Using your standard Tornado II development tools, you can quickly create a reliable run time operating system image to download into the resident 16Mbyte Flash drive.
The Development Kit also includes Quickstart Manual and the VxWorks BSP Installation/Development Manual.
The evaluation board is powered by the Fujitsu's MB86R01(ARM926EJ core) processor and is targeted at next-generation automotive terminals such as car navigation systems and digital dashboards. The board includes a 10/100baseTx Ethernet port, two serial ports, two USB-Host port (one support EHCI), one USB-Slave port, a IDE66 interface and CAN port.
VxWorks and Tornado II are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wind River Systems Inc.